CDO problem: anonymous access to public folder running ASP from Netscape users

CDO problem: anonymous access to public folder running ASP from Netscape users

Post by Siegfried Weber [MVP Exchange » Wed, 16 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Check your IIS settings. It seems that you haven't enabled IIS anonymous
access for this ASP application. It can be found on the properties of the
virtual directory.

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Quote:> Hi, All,

> I have a problem on accessing public folder anonymously from Netscape. I'm
> using CDO on ASP webpages. It seems that every time when a Netscape user
> this ASP page, a login dialog box will appear and ask for username and
> password. Since I have enabled anonymous access permission on this public
> folder, the user just need to press ok without inputting anything and it
> will work and won't ask for username/password again.

> But it is just too annoying if the users have to press ok each time they
> visit this page and don't know what's going on.

> Is there anyway to get rid of this dialog box? It is really strange that
> anonymous access is enabled and the system still ask for password.


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When I try to do an anonymous loging (as in the anonymous logon example in
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Active Messaging error '8004010f'

The client operation failed. [Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store -

/anonymous/anonfldr.asp, line 40

I have done all the the things the anonymous logon readme suggested to make
this work:
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2. gave both read and execute permissions to the anonymous folder in IIS
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Any ideas?


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