Access Denied to System Mailbox

Access Denied to System Mailbox

Post by Josh Needl » Fri, 07 Sep 2001 05:13:31

When i try to access my system mailbox in exchange I am
denied accesss.  This is with the Administrator account
and password.  Any ideas?



1. Access is denied from accessing system manager!! =(

We have been running Exhange 2000 on are small business
server and are now faced with a huge problem.
Administrators have been locked out of exchange system
manager both localy and via TS. This go's the same for
accessing the sys and app logg for the same DC and
creating or editing properties for users in active
The error for accessing system manager and editing users
reads as  :

      - - - -
 Access is denied

 Facility WIN32
 ID No: c0070005
 Microsoft Active Directory

      - - -

And for sys and app logs:

      - - -
Event Viewer

Unable to complete the operation of "system log".
Access is denied

      - - -

If anyone has encountered this problem and or has any
helpfull information please reply.

Thanks in Advance ...
Trevor Palmer

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