SMTP Virtual Server: Forward all outgoing messages to SMTP server

SMTP Virtual Server: Forward all outgoing messages to SMTP server

Post by MIck » Wed, 19 Mar 2003 12:13:02

Is it me, or was this a lot easier in Exchange 5.5???

I'm trying to get all outbound messages to attempt direct delivery, and if
that fails, to use an SMTP server at our provider. I was able to set it up
using the CONNECTORS | INTERNETMAIL Properties, and setting the "Forward all
mail through this connector to the following smart hosts" radio button on
the "General" tab. This option however doesn't offer any option to set the
user ID and password for the server we want to forward through (required by
our provider), nor does it offer the option to attempt direct delivery
first. I checked the help for here, and found that "This value overrides the
smart host setting on the Delivery tab of the SMTP virtual server
properties". This property page does have an "Outbound Security" setting and
a check box to attempt direct delivery first, but I ccan NOT get the
forwarding to work form this angle. I go into the advanced delivery
settings, set the smart host to the same thing I had it set on the
'connectors' properties and the messages still try to go to the destination
domain direcly. Am I missing something here?



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I have a Backend FrontEnd Exchange environment and the FrontEnd Server is
going to be used as a bridgehead server for SMTP.

To use the FrontEnd as a SMTP bridgehead server I configured a SMTP
Connector that uses the FrontEnd SMTP Virtual Server as a bridgehead server.
Since I'm also running Trend Micro Virus Wall on the SMTP Frontend Server I
changed the SMTP port used by SMTP Virtual Server to 6000 ( I only have one
Network adapter ). So, the final configuration that I have is:

- Exchange 2000 SMTP Virtual Server working on port 6000
- TrendMicro Virus Wall working on port 25

With this configuration when I send an email to the internet the SMTP
Connector always sends ther mail to the port 25 instead of using the
Frontend SMTP Virtual Server port 6000. Is this the normal behavor or a bug?

Is this is the normal behavor why should we configure the SMTP Connector to
use a specific SMTP Virtual Server as a bridgehead server?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Alexandre Costa

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