site-configuration not correctly replicated to administrative group

site-configuration not correctly replicated to administrative group

Post by Peter Kerkhof » Tue, 22 Oct 2002 21:42:33

We have a mixed Echange organization and a Active Directory Connector.
All sites are correctly replicated to the AD except one.
This site is visible as an administrative group, the server is also visible.
Not visible are:
   CN=Administrative Groups
            CN=Advanced security: missing
            CN=Directory Replication: missing
            CN=Folder Hierarchies: missing
            CN=Policies: missing
            CN=Routing Groups
                CN=Connections: empty
                CN=ServerName: empty, missing things like CN=Information
Store ....

I think this is caused by incorrect permission settings in ex5.5. The
settings are now correct but the settings in the administrative group
(ex2000/AD) are not corrected.
Does anybody know how to correct this ?

Peter Kerkhofs


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Hope someone can throw some light on this issue.

Got an Exchange 2000 installation that does not reflect the changes done in
AD. We have deleted and renamed a couple of DL, but only some of these
changes are listed for the user when looking in the GAL.

Tests by adding a new group work fine, which makes this even stranger.

But at the moment, we have a number of groups listed in the GAL on Outlook,
which can not be found in AD, or even in the GAL view in Exchange System

This is a one server config (+ front end for OWA).

Any suggestions?

Regards, Thomas

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