several SMTP domains and several SMTP servers (to be continued)

several SMTP domains and several SMTP servers (to be continued)

Post by Arseny M. Rubanovic » Sun, 19 Jan 2003 23:45:54

Hello group, again!

I said about my network topology in previous message "Exchange and two
different domain", posted 17.01.2003. The decision, which i have offered by
Mark Fugatt helped me. Thank you, Mark!
So i have some new questions.

I have public two domains and AD domain is

I have sendmail and now all mailboxes (for domains and
stores on unix machine. I configure sendmail and when message arrives to
this machine, SMTP daemon check is this mailbox is local or not. If mailbox
for some address is local - message save in mailbox. But if mailbox is not
found(not on this machine) - sendmail relay message to Exhcnage Server. That
is work.
I configure MS Exchange, Recipient Policies to exchange can recive emails
for domains and But if i send from my Outlook to

address is on unix machine) then error report return to me with message that
address is not exists.
Can i customize my MS Exchange like sendmail? When address of message is not
local for MS Exchange, SMTP Server of Win2K machine relay it to unix

I think that my DNS zones for, and is not
property configures cos now i have another one problem .... some messages
loops between unix and win2k smtp servers.
For and i have MX records to ip address of unix machine. For
zone i have MX record to ip address of Win2K machine with MS
Exchange. I want to block any traffic from Internet to MS Exchange machine
on firewall. And all messages must flow through sendmail server and relays
to MS Exchange. And back to Internet only through sendmail too.

Best regards to all,
Arseny M. Rubanovich


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I have an Exch Srv 5.5 installed on my Web server (IIS)
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automated scripts to send mails via the CDONTS.NewMail
object. This has been working fine for years now. This
monday one of my customers detected a weird thing:

An e-mail is sent automatically every monday to this
partner, with a CC to me, with all new contacts in an
attached file. Since this monday, this partner has
received this same message 3 or 4 times a day (same
content and same date)!! I did receive my CC copy only
once (the original one). There is nothing in the outbound
message queues. I checked the log of my firewall and guess
what: there has been an SMTP connection from my server to
their SMTP server for each duplicate message sent!! What
is this? Any help appreciated!

Just in case, I rebooted this server this morning.

Philippe Lelong

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