Post by Tung Dan » Fri, 22 Nov 2002 07:20:44

I've just reinstall exchange 2000, now all of the user cannot login to OWA,
but administrator can. It keep asking the user for the username & password.
I now that all the user password is the same. Thanks

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We're running OWA with Exchange 5.5.  We had implemented single sign-on by
posting the user's login name and password to the OWA login form.  On one
occasion, a user reported he logged in to another user's email account!  We
checked the single sign-on table mappings were correct.  Today a bunch of
users reported getting redirected to the same account (say bob), but bob
doesn't even exist in our application database so it can't be the single
sign-on picking up the wrong user account.  Has anyone had experience of
OWA/Exchange server returning the wrong user account?

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