can't creat public folders now!

can't creat public folders now!

Post by TPCOLSO » Tue, 07 Aug 2001 23:52:30

When I create a public folder, using the admin account, in Outlook, I get
the following error message on the E2K server. The folder appears in OL, and
the explanation given below is rather cryptic. This worked fine last week,
nothing has been changed on the server. Anyone else see this before?

Unable to create Public Folder proxy object for folder "<folder name>" in
the Active Directory.

Source(s): MSExchangeIS
MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store
MSExchangeIS Public Store
Event ID: 9543
Component: Information Store
Symbolic Name: msgidCreatePublicFolderProxyFailed

When a public folder is mail enabled, the Web Storage System needs to create
an object in Active Directory for that folder.

Usually this message indicates a permissions error in Active Directory.

User Action
Review the Event Viewer for messages from the system attendant.

Thomas Colson