OUtlook 98 Calendar and Web Access Calendar Problems

OUtlook 98 Calendar and Web Access Calendar Problems

Post by Jay Gallma » Thu, 18 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I am unable to view appointments in my Outlook 98 Calendar when using my Web
Access Calendar.  I do not use Schedule +, as I use my contacts as an e-mail
address book.  Any suggestions, is this the way it is or should they show up
both places?


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1. Outlook Web Access and Calendar Problem

Problem: While accessing any Calendar via the Exchange 5.5 Web Interface,
the following error is generated:

1. Unable to open default formats and patterns (error from explorer)
If I select the Calendar again, I receive a new error message:

2. Unable to render this view 424 Object required (error from explorer)

Software Server:
NT 4 SP3 (i386)
Exchange 5.5 Build 1960.5 With Outlook Web Access

Software Workstation:
NT 4 SP3 (i386)
Explorer 4.0 Version 4.72.2106.

Contacted MS IE4 since this was generated by their browser. The support rep
appeared to do a good job investigating and he and a Exchange engineer
determined it was an Exchange problem.

NOTES: Access to mail send/receive, address book, and public folders work
fine. The Calendar is the only problem.
Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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