Replicating Calendar info amongst two administrative groups

Replicating Calendar info amongst two administrative groups

Post by ajd » Tue, 22 Apr 2003 22:26:27

I have two administrative groups configured in my Exchange
organization, which consists of two seperate servers.  
Users from one admin group CANNOT view the free busy
information from the other groups, and vice versa.  I have
configured replication for both free-busy folders, but
this is not resolving the issue.  When a user pulls the
attendee availability via outlook (of another users in the
other admin group), the message 'no information' is
displayed.  The folders seem to be replicating just fine
but how do I get the two to combine??

Any help would be appreciated.


1. site-configuration not correctly replicated to administrative group

We have a mixed Echange organization and a Active Directory Connector.
All sites are correctly replicated to the AD except one.
This site is visible as an administrative group, the server is also visible.
Not visible are:
   CN=Administrative Groups
            CN=Advanced security: missing
            CN=Directory Replication: missing
            CN=Folder Hierarchies: missing
            CN=Policies: missing
            CN=Routing Groups
                CN=Connections: empty
                CN=ServerName: empty, missing things like CN=Information
Store ....

I think this is caused by incorrect permission settings in ex5.5. The
settings are now correct but the settings in the administrative group
(ex2000/AD) are not corrected.
Does anybody know how to correct this ?

Peter Kerkhofs

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