Hard drive swap

Hard drive swap

Post by Gorin » Thu, 28 Feb 2002 21:30:45

I posted the question below a little while ago and someone replied with the
following solution. However, the reply below does not take into account the
fact that I need to move the entire exchange installation and not just the
database files. Basicly, I need to find the easiest way of moving my
Exchange installation from one hard drive to another as the current drive is
being decommisioned. Will I need to do a backup/re-install/restore or just a
straight swap of drive letters then transfer the Exchservr directory? Please

Open System Manager. Open Servers/(Server Name)/First
Storeage Group/Mailbox Store. Right-click properties. On
Database tab change location of exchange and streaming
database. No need for backup/reinstall/restore

Quote:>-----Original Message-----
>Any help or comments on the following situation would be
very usefull.

>We have a 2 server exchange 2000 organisation on a Win
2000 domain. On our
>2nd Exchange server we need to replace the drive as the
drive that exchange
>was installed on was an external scsi drive (e) that is
now on its last
>legs. So, we have installed a new 20gb internal  drive

(f). Question is what
Quote:>is the best way to transfer exchange from the E drive to

>Can I do another software installation to the new drive

and then restore the
Quote:>database eventhough I've got an existing exchange

installation on another
Quote:>drive or should I just copy the folder from one drive to
another and swap
>the drive letters (I am presuming this wont work).