Answer File - Win2000 PRO

Answer File - Win2000 PRO

Post by JohnMai » Mon, 04 Mar 2002 23:05:23


I am in the proces of creating an ANSWER FILE to be able to install Windows
2000 Professional (using the installation CD) without the usual prompts for
information.  I am using the SETUPMGR utility that is a part of Windows 2000
Resource Kit.

So far I have been able to install Win 2000 PRO but I notice that the
networking components of the operating system have not been installed.
Eventhough the Answer File instructs the workstation to join a DOMAIN,  this
objective is not being achieved.  I am obviously missing something!

How should I modify the networking section of the answer file to ensure that
the networking part of the Windows 2000 PRO Operating System is successfully
installed without the usual pompts.

Thanks in anticipation for your help.



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On windows98 you do not have to login to the domain, You have to have a
username and password in the domain for domain authentication, but on the
windows98 login you do not need the third line for domain login. On Windows
2000 professional you need to login to the domain rather than just login to
itself even though you use the same username and password that is in the
domain for domain authentication. When we had our exchange server on NT4.0
as a BDC we did not have to login to the domain to make outlook 98 work, but
with windows 2000 server we do.

Thank you

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