Public Folder Conflict Message Notification

Public Folder Conflict Message Notification

Post by Oleg Kondjuc » Thu, 24 Apr 2003 22:41:26

Hi, NG,
I have W2KSP3, Exchg2000SPS, Clients have Outlook 2000. When two users have
edited and modified the same message in a public folder, the resulting saved
messages are defined as being in conflict. Can a disable this nmessage (very
disturbing ). In the QB265733 describe this for a Exchange 5.5.. Can i this
also for Exchange 2000?
Thank you.    Oleg

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I wonder if anyone can shed some light on what might be happening.....

I have a group of Mac users who are editing documents stored within a series
of public folders. Most only have rights to view.

I have started to get conflicts happen, and each time it shows that the
conflict is caused by only the one user. The only difference is the edit
time. The user assures me nobody else is editing at the same time, which is
backed up by the fact the conflict only lists the one user name.....

I know why conflicts occur, but I am unsure why it is occurring in this
instance. Maybe an issue with the Mac client? Of course, the Mac client
can't view the conflict form so a PC has to be used to clear the conflict.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!


(If possible, please email me direct)

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