Public folder (secure file folder) database on remote server

Public folder (secure file folder) database on remote server

Post by Jonathan Gil » Fri, 23 Mar 2001 19:19:00

Hi All,

I have an Exchange server set up here (2000) and a second server that I
wish to use as a file storage server.  Is there any way to put the
databases for the public folders (secure file folder) on the remote
server, every time I try to put the UNC name in to the database field
(with the file name) it says "specified path is not valid"

Please help


Jonathan Gill


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I have had an issue in switching my public folder database that my
mailbox store accesses from a remote store to a local store. I did
this because I wanted the speed of local hierarchy access. This worked
on 1 of my Exchange servers, failed on the rest. I am running Exchange
2000 Mixed mode - service pack 3 on all machines. If I switch my
Public Folder database back to the local store, OWA users on that
particular server can't access public folders or delete mailbox items
(Outlook clients are Ok though). Has anyone out there had these issues
or have any insight as to the correct procedure for switching public
folder databases?


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