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 Has anyone come across this error before? If so what did you do?

Source: MSExchangeSRS

Event Id: 1400

The Microsoft Exchange Site Replication Service could not initialize its
Exchange database (EDB) and returned error 1.  The Site Replication Service
will wait in a semi-running state so the database can be restored from
backup and the SRS can mount it.

We have 3 exchange servers. 1 is 5.5 that is our bridgehead server. 1 is W2K
server & 1 W2K enterprise server. I tired to setup a new site replicator but
it throws errors at me.

Any help would be great full.


Shawn Wilson


1. MSExchangeSRS error (help)

I have installed and reinstalled an Exchange 2000 server in an Exchange 5.5
domain.  At some point, after fixing many many problems, I encountered and
event error with the Site Replication Service (1400).  This error claims
that I need to restore the EDB.  But, there is nothing to restore -- it's a
new EDB.  Microsoft's solution is simply to restore the EDB.  Anyway, I
don't mean to be redundant, but redundancy seems to be all I encounter when
researching this error.  The SRS is in a "semi-running" state.  Any help?

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