RFC 2505

RFC 2505

Post by Brian Higgin » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 01:14:33

I have a Exchange server  running at a clients office. on the SMTP server
relay tab it's set to only the list below and allow all computers which
authenticate... well the problem is that I think some of the users mail
account passwords have been compromised, but the client will not force
people to do a blanket change of everyone's passwords. my problem is 2 part,
first, I can't seem to identify which user account is being used, the SMTP
logs only show the username input from the "helo username" part of the
connection. and the 2nd is how can I limit the relaying so that only
messages that say they are from a valid internal email address can be
relayed (sort of like send on behalf, but I don't want it all disabled) they
are getting 2-300 messages a day clogged up in the Queue. some times it's
just mail to a non-existent account and then it's the NDR, but some of them
have been authenticated, and are in the form of mail

allow people to relay from outside, I only want people to be able to relay

and they have authenticated to the server as well.

Brian Higgins
Accent Consulting
Network Specialist

ps. sorry if this is a little hard to follow, I replaced a server at an
office yesterday, while keeping exchange and AD online the whole time. I was
only there from 8am till midnight, and then back there at 9am to trouble
shoot why no one could get on (one of the switches power cable came
up-plugged) so I'm a little tired right now...


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