Performance issues in Exchange 5.5

Performance issues in Exchange 5.5

Post by Peter Lousko » Wed, 20 Jun 2001 21:02:45

Hope someone can shed some light on this subject.

We recently andded a second Exchange Server to our site and subsequently
moved all user mailboxes from the first Exchange Server to the new one.
First Server shutdown. All preliminary work done according to MS Knowledge

Since the move, all users are intermittently experience performance issues
using MS Outlook. Emails will take anywhere between 20 -30 seconds to open
even if the mail is
only two lines long. Longer emails could take minutes.

I have run consistancy checks on and done a degfrag against the databases,
installed the latest Exchange Service pack, with no success. It seems to be
a tuning issue, but to my knowledge the second server has the identical
configuration to the first, which never had a problem.

Any ideas on the matter would be appreciated.

Kind regards
Peter Louskos


1. Performance Issues in Exchange 5.5

Help Required!!

I have an NT4.0 sp3 server with Exchange 5.5 this server is coming up with
performance related stop errors in the Event Viewer/ Application Log. These
errors look like this:-

MSExchangeIS(288) unexpected NT API error 0xC000000D
MSExchangeDS(286) unexpected NT API error 0xC000000D

This eventually ends up with the Exchange server hanging and a reboot
becoming necessary.

The Hardware involved is a Compaq Prosignia 800 with 233Mhz Processor, 2
Hardware mirrored SCSI Drives and 96Mb of Ram. It also services twenty user
accounts as well

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in Advance

Andy Hunter

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