How to remove X 500 email address

How to remove X 500 email address

Post by Andy Web » Tue, 15 Oct 2002 16:55:57


They certainly don't harm anything and actually may help you.  The x500
address is brought forward from Exchange 5.5 so that mail created on that
system is repliable.  You must have at least one X400 address as well.  Any
additional are placed there for mail routing reasons.

If you absolutely must, you can either make an ldifde file to remove that
one entry from each user's proxyAddresses field, or you can use an ADSI
script to do the same.



> I have migrated users from E5.5 to a new E2k org with
> Exchange migration tool. All the users are end up a x500
> format of email address after the migration, these users
> also inherited the x400 address from the old system that
> is different from my new E2k environment. How can I remove
> these unwanted email address.
> I have created the recipient policy for the new email
> address .

> Please help
> Thanks. Brian