Problems of Exchange Service Pack II

Problems of Exchange Service Pack II

Post by Christin » Sat, 18 Jan 2003 16:17:32

After we install Service Pack II for Exchange 2000, we
have problems in OWA, the Exchange cannot wrok properly.
After Reboot all servers include Front-End and Back-End
Exchange as well as Domain Controller, it works find for
around 15 mins. Then it down again.

We discover that it has a error log of MSEXchangeDSAcess
Error and said Domain Controller is not responding. Can
anyone give some advice to me? The problem exist for 3
days after installation of Service Pack II.



1. SlipStreaming Service Pack II

Hi Shannon,

You cannot SlipStream SP's in Exchange at the present time.  And there are
no plans to change this.

Rene Alamo, MCSE

Please reply to newsgroup so we can all share in the knowledge.

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