MTA Problem

MTA Problem

Post by Glenn A. Har » Tue, 17 Dec 1996 04:00:00

A couple of suggestions.

1) Do you see any helpful messages in the Applications portion of the Event
Viewer? If not, try turning up logging a bit to see if that yields any more

2) You could create a server monitor which would start services that have
stopped. This is a band-aid thing and would not really help diagnose your
problem as much as it would help cut down on the length of time that the
MTA is down.

*   Glenn A. Harm

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> We are using MS Exchange Server 4.0 and are having problems with the
> Message Transfer Agent (MTA)this is located under NetAdmin and then CP
> Services.  Here you will observe both the 'status' and 'startup' setting
> that is applied to each service.   On our server, startup is defaulted to
> automatic, and we leave the server on 24/7.  However, nearly every day we
> are have to go and manual 'start' the MTA.  This stays running for some
> time, then a day or two later we notice incoming messages are not be
> allowed to be queued in because the MTA has apparently been stopped.
> we have to go in and again manually start it.

> I was hoping someone could offer some advice on how to resolve this
> problem.

> Dave Cox


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Dear all,

I have some question on my exchange server, Hope anything one can help me

We have more five Exchange Server building on Same Site,
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When I change the password of the administrator.

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And the Event-Log show the MTA error on Exchange Server 2000

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