Migrating from 5.5 to 2000 and dont know how to install Forms

Migrating from 5.5 to 2000 and dont know how to install Forms

Post by Be » Thu, 06 Dec 2001 02:27:01

I am currently migrating from Exchange Server 5.5 to 2000.
I dont know where or how the forms are linked from the client side
to the server side.

Also, how do I install the forms into Exchange 2000.
The forms are written in VB version 3 and I have the forms code in folders
on my PC.

Many thanks


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My client has an exchange 5.5 server with custom forms.  
We have migrated one of his exchange servers to 2000.  We
want to migrate this one as well but he has these custom
forms on there.  They do not seem to merge correctly with
exMerge.  I have tried searching google and technet for
different approaches on how to migrate these forms.  Any
suggests or links?

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