Just little help ..... with Distribution list members from IMessage ... THANK YOU !

Just little help ..... with Distribution list members from IMessage ... THANK YOU !

Post by Maulik Pate » Mon, 14 Jul 2003 16:56:44

Dear Experts ,

While scanning a Folder ,  i get IMessage ....

when Checking it's class  (PR_MESSAGE_CLASS) :

After that i am trying to retrieve all distribution list members from that
IMessage ...

Dimitry said : "You can retrieve all the members of a distribution lists in
contacts folders using
the regular IMessage interface - entry ids of all the dist list members
are stored in the named property with id = 0x8054 and GUID =
{00062004-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}. It is a PT_MV_BINARY property, just
retrieve each element and call IAddrBook::OpenEntry() - you will get back
IMailUser of that member. "

I am doing this :

ULONG my_Get_Dlist_Items(IMessage* a_pMess)

  LPSPropTagArray    lpPropTags  = NULL;

  MAPINAMEID     nameid   = {0}; //0
  HRESULT      hr    = S_OK;
  ULONG      nPropTag  = 0;

  GUID sd2; // {00062004-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} , it's for D-Lists
  sd2.Data1=0x00062004; sd2.Data2=0x0000; sd2.Data3=0x0000;
  sd2.Data4[0]=0xC0; sd2.Data4[1]=0x00; sd2.Data4[2]=0x00;
  sd2.Data4[4]=0x00; sd2.Data4[5]=0x00; sd2.Data4[6]=0x00;

  nameid.lpguid  = (GUID*)&sd2;
  nameid.ulKind  = MNID_ID;
  nameid.Kind.lID  = 0x00008054;  // for D-list

  MAPINAMEID *    rgpnameid[1]={&nameid};

  hr = a_pMess->GetIDsFromNames(1,rgpnameid,0,&lpPropTags);
   return 0;

   ULONG ulObjType=0;
  //IABContainer *lpContainer=NULL;

  IAddrBook* pAddrBook=NULL;
   LPSPropValue    pProp   = NULL;

  nPropTag = lpPropTags->aulPropTag[0] | PT_MV_BINARY;
  hr = HrGetOneProp(a_pMess,nPropTag,&pProp);

  long m_size=0;
  mapi_TEntryid eid;


  ULONG mCB=0;

  for(int k=0;k<m_size;k++) {

    if (pProp[k].ulPropTag==PR_ENTRYID) {

        if(!eid.isempty()) { ;;;;;;; }


  return nPropTag;


When i click on property 0x00008054 , i can see it's named property in right
hand side box in OutlookSpy.
and the "Value" box contains , EntryIDs of all Distribution list members ...

i above function , i think , there is very change is required to get those
EntryIDs of D-List members ...

I just need help on that one ...!!!

there is some thing i am doing wrong here ...

After that ,,, i am done ....Thank you very much .....


Maulik Patel


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