Exchange Server 2000 MDBDATA

Exchange Server 2000 MDBDATA

Post by Sunil Mamid » Sun, 13 Jul 2003 03:01:04


Exchange server mdbdata folder is running out of space

Exchange server mdbdata folder is growing in size, What is the best way to
move or delete old mdbdata  from the folder?
Any help is really appreciated.



Exchange Server 2000 MDBDATA

Post by Rob Wilcox [MSF » Mon, 14 Jul 2003 04:56:25

Hi Sunil,

Can you explain a little further about the configuration of your machine?  
How many drives?  What type of RAID?  How much space for each drive?  How
full each drive is?

That said, some first thoughts are as follows.  Do you have the transaction
logs in the mdbdata folder?  If so then running a full online Exchange
backup will purge the committed logs freeing up space for you.  How many
logs do you have the folder?  How big is the database?

Hope that gives you some ideas,

Kind Regards,
Rob Wilcox
Microsoft Exchange Specialist Support Engineer
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I have found a few things about backing up Exchange 2000
and would want to clarify them! Due to budget
restrictions, i have to use ntbackup for windows 2000 well
be purchasing a tape drive and veritas backup exec and so
on in a bit! windows 2000 ntbackup going to be
allright for the near future.....i have heard yes and then
no....Also the mdbdata folderis a concern, if i back it up
with win2000 ntbackup will it still restore if i need it
to and after i backup the files in the folder, could i
delete everything??...i figure its backed up so i can,but
just want to  make sure! When i got to work this morning i
had 56 messages for different sources that were not
deliverable??? i getting spammed and what do i have
to do to stop this???....freaked me out and dont want this
to crash...iam still a bit of a newbie at exchange 2000,
but learning quickly!!
any help,suggestions,and so on would be great!!

Thanks All


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