How 2 Search 4 Contact in Instant Messenger and Exchange

How 2 Search 4 Contact in Instant Messenger and Exchange

Post by Alex Bog » Sat, 01 Sep 2001 00:47:54

using Instant Messenger (3.6) and I use the Add a contact option. I can make
it work by entering the persons e-mail address. But, I would like to use the
Search for a contact option.

When I click next I've got a cute screen where I can type the first and last
names and:

"Search for this person at: Microsoft Exchange Instant Messaging"

It doesn't work and tells me "No active directory is available for the

I'm accessing E2K over the net, not locally.

What can I do to make this work?



1. MSN Instant Messenger contacts location

Where are EXCHANGE contacts for MSN Instant Messenger
held?  Is there a file on the local machine?  If I log
into MSN IM on a diff't machine than my own, log into the
IM server, I can't see my contacts.  Can I change this to
point to a loction on a server so I can acess it from

Thanks in advance - Dawn D.

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