exchange 5.5 migration

exchange 5.5 migration

Post by hoggiebea » Fri, 25 Apr 2003 20:52:33

I have installed win 2000 server upgrade from NT4.0 server
and ran the exchange migration but am getting all sorts of
permission problems and i cannot start any of the  
exchange services. The edb files are are still there. Is
there a way to uninstall exchange and import these files
to a new install.

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Can anybody help me?

We are doing a migration from MS-Mail to Exchange 5.5 with about 500 users.
As we can not rely on the users importing their calander data after
migration we would like to do it for them, without visiting each

Does anybody know of any migration tool that will import calander data
straight into the Outlook calander. I know mirosoft do have a utility but I
can not get hold of it.

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