low connection to Exchange...

low connection to Exchange...

Post by Viviane Lim » Sun, 25 Nov 2001 00:14:13

In 2 subnets I use RIP protocol and OSPF protocol to
routing tcp-ip and i see the clients Oultook have low and stopping
also times.

Please suggestions to solve my problems..
thanks all



1. Synchronizing over low speed connections

    I have a network that connects to our Exchange server via a 56K
connection to the Internet. We're trying to do shared scheduling via Outlook
so I have all the mail, etc delivered to the mailbox on the server. However,
any time there are large attachments in e-mail messages, the attachment
comes down once when the message arrives then seems to come down again when
the mailbox is synched. This is a serious problem over a 56K line and even
more so over a 28.8 dialup line. Anyone have any thoughts on how to stop the
silly double download through the synch??
    Please e-mail as I don't always have the time to read the newsgroups.


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