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I have a workflow created with Workflow Designer 2000.  It
works fine, but when I try to change it by adding states
or actions or changing the action scripts, it won't save.  
I do not get an error message but when I refresh my
changes are gone.

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Hi all,

i created a simple Invoice Approval Workflow, with the original
Invoice lying scanned in an Document Management System called ADOS.
The Workflow is started from the DM System, by creating a new Workflow
Doc in a Public Folder after scanning.

The Aim is to archive the Outlook Workflow Document to the archived
Invoice, as soon as the Workflow is finished. Therefore i have to save
the Workflow Document to the File System as .msg File.

The Problem is, that this only works if i do this using an external
.vbs script. In this script i'm creating a Outlook.Application object
with MAPI Namespace, connect to the Public Folder, loop through the
documents, archive these whose lifecycle is finished and delete it
from Outlook. When i perform a doc.SaveAs filename, olMSG from the
external script, everything works fine and i get an .msg file with
about 60kb.

When i try to do the same from within the Workflow Application, f.ex.
at the OnDelete Event, i only get an 1kb .msg file, which Outlook
can't handle anymore. The only information stored in these 1kb are the
Subject. It seems to me that no form information can be accessed, so
the SaveAs is perfomed on the Exchange Object, rather than on the
Outlook Object. Any ideas?

Is there a way to a) call an external VB Script from Workflow or b)
get the complete 60kb .msg file to the file system from within the
workflow? Is there a way to directly call a SaveAs method on a
document received by the WorkflowSession object, rather than
connecting through Outlook.Application and looping through the

Thanks for any suggestion,

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