route mail to different smtp hosts if the domain name is local

route mail to different smtp hosts if the domain name is local

Post by Panagiotis Malakoudi » Thu, 05 Dec 2002 20:25:16

Dear all,

I'm in desperate need of assistance.
This is the problem I'm facing.

I have two exchange servers (srv1, srv2)in the same organization. All

are in the mailbox is created on a different server.

I also have a 3rd party mail relay that forwards inbound message only to
srv1 and then srv1 must distribute the message either to himself or to
srv2. (srv1 is configured to use the mail relay as a smarthost)

The problem is this.

user whos mailbox sits on srv2). It goes through the mail relay and on
to srv1 but for some reason srv1 does not forward it to srv2. It sends
it back to the mail relay and I get a loop.

I read Microsoft article 285855 (XCON: Route Messages to Users on
Different SMTP Hosts) but I don't get it.
I noticed that on the bottom it says "Messages are forwarded to a
smarthost if the MX record in DNS points to an Exchange 2000 server".
This is indeed my case (I have mx records configured in my intranet DNS
- i guess I don't really need them) but shouldn't exchage recognize that
this is an internet to the organization user?

Please help me



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That's kind of curious.  Recipient policies don't particularly care whether
it's a valid domain name, unless perhaps you're using some weird characters
in  When I say that "not valid" is okay, I mean that would be acceptable.

Tom Meunier
Network Administrator
State of Texas
Office of Court Administration

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