exchange 2000 Sp3 and cdonts.dll premission denied

exchange 2000 Sp3 and cdonts.dll premission denied

Post by Sande » Fri, 06 Sep 2002 08:47:09


i use the dll cdonts.dll in my vbscript. But when i try 2
do send function it gives a error. Premission denied!
When i used sp2 i had no problem but after sp3 installed i
get this error.

Plz somebody help me out with this...


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I am running Exchagne 2k with SP3 it seems when we use the CDONTS.NewMail
method on our web pages to send email it fails with "permission denied". I
have made sure my SMTP is setup correctly, and I have searched the net high
and low for an answer to this problem which I have not been able to find.

Is there anyone out there who has found a work around for this MS problem?

Andrew English
Ezbidz Auctions

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