Event 9318 logged after upgrade

Event 9318 logged after upgrade

Post by David Chas » Tue, 15 Oct 2002 23:17:25

We just upgraded within our domain to Exch2k from 5.5.  The 5.5 was on an
NT4 server and Exch2k installed on a Win2k server running AD.  I was able to
move all mailboxes, etc. and Exch2k server is working fine.  However, I am
getting Event ID: 9318 showing up on the app log in the win2k server with
message about "An RPC communications error occurred..."  I have stopped all
Exchange services on the old 5.5 server and want to remove it from the
domain.  What do I need to do?  Thanks.



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    I have one exchange server which have "site connector" and "directory
replication connector" to 12 sites. In my NT event viewer has many event ID
9318 and Event ID 9277 which detail are following :
    Event ID: 9318, Source : MS Exchange MTA , Category : Interface
    Description : An RPC communication error occured. Unable to bind over
RPC. Locality table (LTAB) index : 9, windows NT error : 0. The MTA will
attempt to recover the RPC connection.
    Event ID 9277, Source : MS Exchange MTA, Categroy : Operating System
    Description : The MTA has issued and RPC concel call for thread 26,
Locality Table index : 9, Time (ms) : 1228570, Cancel result : 0

    Anybody please tell me how to solve this or where can I find the
solution of these problems.
Thanks very much.
Soontaree Jantrakul

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