POP3 Virtual Server Refuses to Start

POP3 Virtual Server Refuses to Start

Post by James Pullicin » Tue, 07 Nov 2000 04:00:00

Make sure that the POP3 port (usually 110) is free and that no other apps
are using it. To test for this just establish a telnet session on that port.

P.S. The error you are getting translates to:

"Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is
normally permitted."


Quote:> All of my protocols are starting up fine except POP3.  I somehow
> do not know how) got it going.  After it started, I could stop and start
> fine.  I installed a software update to another product which required a
> reboot.  Now I cannot get it started.  The error I am getting is the same
> error I got before I accidently got it to start.  Since there is no
> documentation on this error, it makes it hard to fix.  Here is the error
> in the Application Event Log:
> An error occurred while starting the Microsoft Exchange POP3 Service:
> server instance number 1 failed to start with error 0x2740.

> The preceeding event states that the service could not bind instance 1,
> ever the heck that means!

> It took me a long time to somehow start POP3 before.  Does anyone have a
> clue to this error?

> I can access my mail through IMAP4 or OWA, but I need POP3.

> Thanks,
> Curtis Rutledge


1. POP3 Virtual Server Refuses to Start

Take a great care to provide a server for Exchange only whenever it is
possible.  This is really not a pretty good idea to keep running a bunch of
heavy applications on the same server than exchange.  That told, special
dedicated tools are included with softwares such as Norton AV Enterprise

Mike Mercury

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