Exchange security problem

Exchange security problem

Post by Dean » Thu, 27 Mar 2003 21:51:58


Our organisation has two exchange sites, one located in
France and the other located in London. In our France
office, we HAD two exchange servers, lets call them ML01
and ML02. ML01 was installed as the first exchange server
in the organisation and ML02 followed. In London, we have
ML03 as the 3rd server.

A few months ago, ML01 started doing something that
appeared to be a hardware fault. The admin located in
France moved all the mailboxes from ML01 to ML02 and
unmounted the stores on ML01.

All the services, incomming mail etc. was manually change
to ML02 and the entire mail system runs fine.

While I was away, the admin in FR decieded to "uninstall"
the ML01 server without due care and this can caused a
number of problems that I cannot find any resolution to.
Although the initial apperance is that the mail system is
still functioning 100%, there is a problem that concerns
me greatly.

I receive the following event messages, on ML02, with
Diagnostic logging is set to MAX on "Resources" under

1.) Only logged due to diag logging.
Source: MSExchangeMTA
Category: Resource
Event ID: 9267
Type: Information

(BASE IL INCOMMING RPC(26) Proc 505) LTAB allocated at
index 111(4)

2.) This is the message received every 10 minutes exactly
Source: MSExchangeMTA
Category: Security
Event ID: 9297
Type: Warning

The user /o=First Organistation/ou=First Administrative
Group/cn=Configuration/cn=servers/cn=ML03 has caused a
security violation. Locality table (LTAB) index: 205.
Windows 2000 error code:0x80070005. [BASE IL MAIN BASE 1
237] (14)

3.)Only logged due to diag logging.
Source: MSExchangeMTA
Category: Resource
Event ID: 9265
Type: Information

(BASE IL MAIN BASE(1) Proc 514) LTAB index 111 released(4)

All the systems are running Exchange 2000 STD with SP 3.
Besides killing a French man, what can I do to resolve
this problem? I have looked everywhere and the only
reference I can find to this is relating to EX5.5 and does
not help very much.


Dean (remove the "AT" to send me an e-mail)


Exchange security problem

Post by Dean » Thu, 27 Mar 2003 22:05:40

I forgot to add that this message is logged every 10
minutes, to the second.



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