A simple application with Exch+SQLsvr

A simple application with Exch+SQLsvr

Post by pc » Tue, 15 Jul 2003 20:51:18

Hi There.

I need your help because in the next days I'll have to speak about a
solution with a customer.

- Exchange 2000 server contacts
        John Smith, Los Angeles, CEO, ABC Inc., (and other infos)
        Jack White, New York, Engineer, DEF Ltd., (and other infos)
- Outlook as client
- SQL server 2000 with a table:
        Owner           SW              Acquisition
        (John Smith)    Corel Draw      01/01/03
        (John Smith)    Autocad         01/03/03
        (Jack White)    Visio           02/02/03
        (John Smith)    Visio           04/08/03
        (Jack White)    Winzip          04/15/03

So when I open in Outlook the "John Smith" contact I need to open
(with a new button on the contact form ?) a window with all infos from
SQL server:
        John Smith
---SW---                ---Acq---
Corel Draw      01/01/03
Autocad         01/03/03
Visio           04/08/03

Technical questions:
- First: it is possible ? :-))
- There is an other way to display the sql server data (f.e. in a
customized outlook contact form) ?
- How do I estabilish a relation between the "John Smith" exchange
entry and the "John Smith" sql server records (field "Owner") ?
- More ideas ? :-)

Many thanks in advance 4 your help.