Help me Thanks.

Help me Thanks.

Post by V.Maur » Tue, 15 Jul 2003 20:45:53

Hello to everybody,
I need some help from you, cause malfunctioning of the
exchange server I must to install a new exchange server
with the same characteristics. What I must do, knowing
that all the customers use outlook express and unload
messages on their local PC ?
Many Thanks
Enzo Mauro

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Here is my question :

I have Exchange 2000 installed on a Windows 2000 server. The DNS name of my
server is crt.messagerie.

For security purpose, we decided to reinstall a new server to replace the
existing one.
The new server will be in a new organisation, new forest, ...
The new AD will be, new DNS, I would like to
be able to migrate the user data between my first server to the new one.

I have tried to use Exmerge but it seems that it is not working !
On my second server, I choose to do this in one action, and I can't find the
second server, it seems that it doesn't appear like an exchange server in my
new Active Directory.

If anyone have an idea, it will be a good thing !

Thanks a lot for your answer !

Best Regards !

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