Internal mail working but cannot receive external

Internal mail working but cannot receive external

Post by John Felt » Wed, 12 Dec 2001 16:27:20

My exchange server recently took a shit. For some reason
any email that is external ends up going nowhere. Its not
bouncing back to the sender, it just is gone.
If I send mail internally whether using POP or exchange it
works fine. Is there a way I can track where the message
is stopping? I am lost and have no idea where to look

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Small office (3 users) Exchange 2000, on Windows 2000 Server.  Outlook
XP, and one very pissed off administrator.

This just started happening, no changes were made to outlook or server

We're using outlook 2002, full Exchange client setup.  I've tried
setting up this user on multiple desktops and get the same results.
He can send and recieve mail from the internet, oddly enough, but
internal messages never make it to or from his account, and nobody
recieves andy Non-deliverable messages.

I've even tried deleting, purging, and then recreating his entire
mailbox!  There are NO errors in the event log!

There are no rules set up in outlook for mail.

The server is running NAV, but not NAV for exchange, so it's not
really looking at E-mail.  I disabled it anyway to see if that had any
effect, but no luck.

I have never, EVER, seen a problem like this before.  At least not one
that wasn't solved by re-creating everything.

Any input AT ALL for help would be very, very appreciated.  Things
were going quite well for this client for quite a while.


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