Duplicate Messages

Duplicate Messages

Post by Matt Lindel » Sat, 16 Jun 2001 07:01:16

Hi Everyone,

I'm having a couple problems with outgoing and incoming duplicate messages.
When 2 of my users send out messages to users on the internet, the recepient
is receiving them 2 times.  It does not happen with all domains and/or
users.  Exchange was originally installed on our file and print server,
until we realized that we needed a seperate application server.  We
de-installed Exchange 2000 on the file and print server and installed it on
a Windows 2000 member server.  Are these mailboxes corrupt and is there some
utility to fix this?  The mailboxes were moved from the old exchange server
to the new and some of the mailboxes crashed during the moving because of
their size.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I have a remote user that is getting multiple copies of e-mail delivered to
his personal folder on his laptop. When Exchange client dials into the
server it picks up new messages and messages he has already received. They
do not show up highlighted when he receives them the second time. He's been
a good user for 1-1/2 years I don't want to have to shoot him :-) .  What
can I do to help him.

Hope (springs eternal) Schlais

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