Where are the results of address list queries stored?

Where are the results of address list queries stored?

Post by Martin Renni » Fri, 25 Apr 2003 15:58:05

I know that the Recipient Update Serivce runs LDAP
queries for each address list, but are the results of
these queries stored in AD? I ask because when I use LDP
to browse to the following node on a DC:

Configuration|Services|Microsoft Exchange|<org>|Address
List Container|All Address Lists|All Users

LDP seems to display the results of the query as child
objects. However if I use ADSIEDIT or LDIFDE to export
the node I don't see these child objects.

Is LDP behaving strangely?!

My understanding is that the results of address list
queries are not stored as separate entries in AD, because
mail-enabled objects store their list membership as an
attribute of themselves.

Am I correct?



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