OWA problem through firewall

OWA problem through firewall

Post by Dan » Thu, 31 Jan 2002 01:50:37

We just installed Exchange 2000 last weekend.  So far, so
good.  We have had a problem with accessing the OWA
through the firewall.  (problem is related to WebDAV
support)  I have had some suggestions that we need to use
SSL to work around this, but we don't know how to set up
SSL.  I found a KnowledgeBase article (Q296232) that seems
to indicate that I can add a registry entry to force OWA
to not use some WebDAV methods, making it friendly with
the firewall.  I tried the registry entry and it does not
seem to make any difference.

Has anybody else successfully used this registry hack?  
Any other ideas?




1. Problems getting OWA working behind a firewall

Please help...
I am trying to get OWA working behind a NAT firewall.
Details are as follows

Internet ->
Firewall ->
IIS Server (URL Redirection from
http://internetdomain/exchange to
http://servername/exchange) ->
Exchange (OWA)

The concept was the access OWA by typing

I can authenticate, after that it looks like the client on
the internet side is trying to redirect its requests
directly to http://servername/exchange instead of via the
firewall and local DNS.

I am only using a Dynamic internet DNS name, so i am
unable to simply purchase another DNS entry or sub entry.
I have tried using another port and redirecting those
requests directly to the exchange server, but that doesnt
seem to work either...

Any ideas? Pweease help...


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