Mailbox => Executable Program

Mailbox => Executable Program

Post by Chris Scharff [MVP » Mon, 21 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Quote:>I'm trying to migrate from Ipswitch Imail to
>MS Exchange 5.5..  It's like moving from a studio aparment
>to a castle..  I'm very confused.

>There are a couple of things i need exchanger server to do.
>One of the major thing is i would like to be able to map an exectable
>to a email address.  So if someone were to mail the address
>it would be passed / processed by the executable.  I've heard things on
>and off
>about a "mailbox agent" but have come up very empty..  any help
>would be great..

Server side scripting is what you want I think. might
have some information or links which can get you headed in the right

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