Outlook 2002/Exchange server 6.0 issue

Outlook 2002/Exchange server 6.0 issue

Post by suke » Tue, 15 Jul 2003 16:46:07


I our UNIX application which sends & Receives mails, there
is a functionality in which: when we send a mail (using
sendmail), we request for 'Return Reciept', we add
Header 'Disposition-Notification-To' and 'Message-Id' (
containing a System generated number'. We add a record in
table with this 'Message-ID'.

When Netscape (used a mail client & server) sends a Return
Receipt, the mail has a header 'References' which contains
the 'Message-ID' of sent message. Our application, scans
for word 'Return Reciept' in subject. If found , it takes
the value in 'References', and looks up in database for
the record, updates the record for date/time of message

Now we need to add support for MS Outlook 2002/Exchange
Server. The problem is that I do not find 'References' Hdr
in 'Read Reciept' mail from Outlook, so how the tracking
can be done for which message the 'Read Reciept' has

Is there any setings in Outlook/ Exchange server that
needs to be done. Or is there is any other way of
achieving this functionality.



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I have a user that is prompted for his network password
when he opens Outlook 2002 running XP Pro.  I have
verified that he is set to use Password Authentication
under the Logon network security advance tab.  No one else
on the network is prompted for this when they open
outlook.  Shouldn't outlook know that he is logged onto
the network and not ask for his password again?  I have
tried changing the password at the client computer and in
active directory.  The mail server is exchange 2000.  

I have tried setting this user up on a different computer
and his Outlook worked fine.

Any suggestions would be awesome.



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