** OWA Blues, Install Outside of Default issus**

** OWA Blues, Install Outside of Default issus**

Post by Marc » Sun, 27 Jan 2002 03:31:38

I've installed exchange2K on a W2K Adv Svr. and tried (for
security reasons ) to install OWA in a different Virtual
directory on IIS, I installed the filter, granted the
right permissions, but when I log in and authenticate it
shows me the contents of the directory. Its as if the OWA
Page asp does not load. If I browse the Default dirctory
it comes up just fine. I've duplicated the items the
default directory in my new virtual directory, all the
VD's look the same in properties, but does not work? Any
It's driving my crazy, so close but yet so far.
you can see what I mean at www.itknowledgeatlanta.com/owa



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