Windows XP, Office XP & Server 2000

Windows XP, Office XP & Server 2000

Post by Lauri » Sat, 26 Apr 2003 22:11:55

I recently upgraded my computer to Windows XP & Office XP
Professional, at the same time we were ugrading our server
from Windows NT to Windows 2000 Server.  Since then I have
had trouble opening any of my files from the server, I'll
click to go, or open and it stalls and says not
responding.  At times I end up rebooting, sometimes it
helps for a while and sometimes it doesn't.  The person
installing new server has checked and rechecked and can't
find a reason.  Please help I am getting so furstrated

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We have a client that just recently started using Exchange 2000 SP3. We were
having problems with Exchange 5.0 with connecting both his old and new
systems to it at the same time. We suggested going with Exchange 2000
thinking that would correct any issues that XP might have with Exchange 5.
Now the newer machines with XP have problems connecting with the Exchange
server. It prompts to work offline, if you click retry 3 times, it does let
you in, but this is of course annoying.  The Exchange server 2000 is also
running on a Windows 2K SP3 Server. They don't use the Exchange for email,
just for the schedule.

Any suggestions?


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