Ldap validation in global catalog

Ldap validation in global catalog

Post by Jose Jorge Santo » Wed, 28 May 2003 18:55:19

Hi there!
I have 2 global catalogs clustered (win 2k), and a stand
alone exchange server that it is not a domain controller.
If the server 1 (operations master) in the cluster is
down, the clustered services "pass" to server 2, but
exchange stops responding... only validates in that
server. I have set up a stand alone 2003 domain controller
also as global catalog, but still need server 1. What can
I do to echange server to validate in any global catalog??

Thanks in advance....


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I have 2 servers, I have one server acting as a DC and another server that
is a secondary that is running exchange. Every night I have the backup
software stopping the exchange services to backup the stores, but when the
backup goes to restart exchange I get global catalog errors that say that it
cannot find a global catalog server. But some nights this operation works
perfectly. So I was thinking that maybe I should make the exchange server
the global catalog server so it didnt have to go find the other server. Any
thoughts on this?


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