Project Management in Telecommunications

Project Management in Telecommunications

Post by Denny Jenkin » Wed, 11 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I am researching the use of service negotiation
and project management/workflow products or systems
within telecommunications companies.  The use should
focus on the sales process, particularly to business
customers (not internal IS project management).  If
you are familiar with such systems or know of someone
who is I'd appreciate learning more about what you're
doing.  I'm more interested in success than horror
stories, but I'll listen to both.  And, this won't turn
into a sales pitch of any kind.  My company does not
have products in these areas.



1. Gantt Charts and other project management features?

There are interoperability problems that have been reported with MS Project
and Notes regarding storing the MS Project files in the Notes database. I
have no specifics other that what I heard last month when I did a
presentation on Project 2000 for the Capitol Area MPUG. I've cc'd my
response to the MSProject Group to see if anyone has the particulars.

In the mean time, what exactly are the problems they are experiencing with
MS Project. Many of the problems they are experiencing have probably been
cleared up in the latter versions of MSProject. As far as the collaborative
features have you looked at the Project Central feature of MS Project 2000?
I think that most of what you and you client are looking for are probably

The bottom line is that unless you already have Notes expertise in the
organization and a large part of your enterprise framework built on Lotus
Notes, that putting Notes in the mix is just asking for trouble.

Guy Cox, MS Project MVP

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