Unable to Sending Attachments

Unable to Sending Attachments

Post by Vanguye » Sat, 31 Aug 2002 06:55:39

I am not able to send email attachments to anyone outside
my organize.  The emails seem to go but the recipient
never received the attachments nor the email.

1. Unable to send attachment

I have a user who is trying to send a 16MB Word doc to an
outside address, and it's getting blocked with this error:

The content length of the message is too long for the
recipient to take delivery
The MTS-ID of the original message is:
c=US;a= ;p=ORC;l=MAUEMAIL-031029172508Z-1190
 MSEXCH:IMS:xxx:xxx:xxxxxx 3552 (000B099C) 23742305 bytes
exceeds server limit of 20971520

All of the Exchange 5.5 servers in our site have a 25 MB
attachment limit. The only thing I've come up with in the
KB is an article about how Excel macros are expanded when
you email them and could result in this error (but it's
not an Excel file), one about sending to large
distribution lists (but it's only going to one person) and
one that says it can be caused by one MTA having a bigger
limit than another (but our MTAs all have the same limit).

Any suggestions why a 16 MB file is tripping the 25 MB
limit? There is no other data in the email, just the


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