help someone please

help someone please

Post by kizzur » Mon, 30 Dec 2002 13:03:45

I can't log on to microsoft outlook 2002 because it keeps
telling me that the microsoft exchange server is
unavailable.  i have to choose work offline to get into
it.  i dont know why the exchange server is even on my
outlook...i never had a problem before....also when i open
it up offline there are 2 folders that were not there
before, which are public and private but they are
unaccessible.  HELP PLEASE

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Hello Everyone,

I recently had a problem with my Exchange 2000 server and had to reinstall
it, before I did that I set up another Exchange server on  a regular PC to
backup the mailboxes and all.

After I reinstalled Exchange on it's original box, I then installed it from
the backup/holding PC.

Since doing this everything works fine except the public folder. every so
often I get msg saying that the public folder could not be replicated.

I don't know what the problem is and I have searched numerous web sites for
a solution.

Any ideas please?  Is there something I should have don before taking down
the other server (i.e. backup/holding server)?

ps. the msg pops up on everyone's computer randomly.

thanks in advance


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