I can't mount my Public Store either. MVP or MSFE needed!

I can't mount my Public Store either. MVP or MSFE needed!

Post by Curti » Wed, 30 Apr 2003 07:51:46

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Thanks much!


1. Cannot mount either mailbox or public folder store in Exchange 2000

Windows 2000 SBS SP2
Exchange 2000 SP2

  I realise that this message is probably very similar to some that
have gone before but I can not seem to find a solution in the
  Basically, as some people have probably found out if you do an
online backup of Exchange 2000, store.exe gets potentially very very
  After not being able to restart the Information Store after one such
occurence I decided to restart the server, unfortunately on a restart
neither of the stores will mount.  After running eseutil a few times
with different switches I have now got the server to a point where
apparently the integrity of both pub1.edb and priv1.edb are fine and
no errors are coming up as far as eseutil is concerned.
  So I am left at a point where effectively nothing seems to be wrong
but I still can not mount the stores...any ideas at all or pointers?

Thank you in advance

Tom Findlay

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