SMTP Service = Random emails

SMTP Service = Random emails

Post by Tim Grie » Tue, 25 Mar 2003 11:12:28

Just after I downloaded SP3 for W2K, my server started
generating random emails.

If I stop SMTP the mails stop.

I'm running symantec's antivirus and have scanned several
times, once in safe mode, and not found any virus'.

I've checked to see if Exchange is an open relay and
that's not it.


1. random inbound SMTP failures

A client has Small Business Server 2000 (integrates Exchange 2000 and ISA).
OS is SP2; Exchange is now SP2; ISA is SP1.

They had complaints of email returning to senders as NDR (various
responses - but most boil down to time to deliver exceeded).

I can open Exchange Admin console and see the sessions on the server; the
connections from the NDR'd ISP's remain open until the 600 seconds are up,
stop, and restart almost immediately.

Mail can flow in and out; though a few connections always seem to fail on

The client has a dynamic IP on a DSL connection; DNS is hosted by;
the data on the DNS servers always appears to be fine.

Recent changes are the move from one domain name to another domain name
(external).  I cannot for sure say that the problem came after the domain
change, as the use of the service was limited prior to the new name being
set up.

Microsoft has looked at the set-up and says it is OK.

As I said - mail does move out, and most moves in.  Failures seem to be
timeout related.  I can see the sessions time out on the server.  Even short
emails from my system to the server seem to take too long to complete.  No
CPU spikes seem to be occurring.  Trend OfficeScan MailScan service can be
shut down - with no improvement.

Can anyone suggest a path to follow for ultimate resolution to the problem?



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