E2K off-line defrag in cluster active/passive environnement

E2K off-line defrag in cluster active/passive environnement

Post by arj » Fri, 21 Mar 2003 08:36:23

Hi all,
I want to schecule by a script my off-line defrag for my Exchange 2000
Enterprise edt SP2 cluster.
If you have documentations and links about this, I appreciate thanks.
My questions:
ESE util make a temporary file of the database to defrag it after and
replace the original!! Or any other system can do that?
I have a priv1.mdb 23Gb with a priv1.stm 6Gb and my free space on my
partition is 500Mb.
To execute my local off-line defrag it's dead ?? But via the lan ??
A local off-line defrag take 4gb per hour approx = 7 hours in my case...
A lan off-line defrag take 2gb per hour = 15 hours approx....
I have a gigabit lan but what is the risk of this manipulation if my lan
shutdown processing this defrag ??
Someone can help me with a good secure procedure to do this.

My other solution is to plug an IDE drive in my exchange node machine and
use it to store the temporary database to be defrag, what you think about
this ??

I'm novice in managing an exchange cluster and this database is in a
critical environnement.
Thanks for your help