Getting Exchange Mail through POP E-mail

Getting Exchange Mail through POP E-mail

Post by Charles Alle » Fri, 01 Nov 2002 03:02:14

We have an Exchange Server on our network. We are using
bCentral as the host for our e-mail and web pages.
bCentral is routing our messages to our server. We can
send/receive e-mail through Exchange by using Outlook
with no problem.

I'd like to be able to use a device, like my phone, to
receive e-mail from my server, which I've done in the
past. Prior to using bCentral, I was able to enter, where domainname is our domain. Now,
when I use the same information, I get an error message
that I need to include the domain.

Is that true or is there another issue I need to check on
our Exchange Server to know what users should enter for
POP mail?

Thank you.


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I just start to use Exchange 5.5 in my office for internal mail and
etc, I also have an POP account with a service provider for internet
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exchange, it will be able to read the internet and internal mail.

Please advice

Wei Kee

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