Client/Server Rules

Client/Server Rules

Post by Hallvard Mülle » Fri, 03 Nov 2000 16:25:03

I'm currently working on this. To me, it seems that you'll have to
right-click the relevant folder, chose properties, administration and then
folder assistant. To my dissappointment, the server-side rules options is
very limited compared to those of Outlook 2000.

Yours, Hallvard

Quote:> Hey,
> When you create a rule in Outlook it is marked as a client side rule. How
> can I create a server side rule that I can attach to some/all mailboxes??

> Regards,
> Brian


1. Client/Server Rules

Client side rules are client side rules and server side rules are
server side rules. has an explanation of what makes
a rule client side or server side. There's not really a way around the
factors which determine what type of rule it will be.

Chris Scharff, MVP-Exchange
Senior Systems Consultant
Simpler-Webb, Inc.

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